Directions by road

The Holiday Village is situated near the sea and the Archipelago National park in the municipality of Kimito Island. The Holiday Village can be reached very quickly from Turku / Helsinki, and there are no ferries and no ferry queues along any of the roads to the cottages
For the distance from other places in Finland see -  Roadadministration.
Should you need any help during your journey, please ring us on -  040 5500 473


Additional information about transport services to the Holiday Village can be found on the Additional services -page.
  • From Kemiö church, take the Dragsfjärdintie (road 183) and drive along it for 18 km.
  • Turn right to Kirkonkyläntie (there's also a sign Kasnäs 21) and drive ahead for 3 km.
  • Don´t turn on Ytterölmosintie,the name of the road changes to Söderlångviikintie
  • Turn right to Ölmosintie and drive along for about 4 km.
  • Address to the office is Ölmosintie 400 (a red house on the left side of the road surrounded by a fence.)